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What our clients say

Lara G.

"I am super inlove with my eyebrows! I saved so much time in getting ready for my daily-look before i head out (everyday). I am literally waking up each day with a perfect eyebrow. I'm glad i stumbled upon "Perfect Touch Aesthetics" because it is a real game changer. "

Karloz A.

"Vanessa is very professional.she's on time for your appointment, very clean and well sanitize place,quiet and very clean smell place. Job well done on my Powder ombre eyebrows. ano pain at all so relaxing you'll even snore while she's doing your brows.

Mimosa N.

"Come to this place and ask for Vanessa. She did an amazing job on fixing my brows from the previous microblading. The procedure takes a little longer because she really wants to make sure everything is measured right. I really loved the results, my brows are looking good."

Ruth P.

"She was thorough with the process and made sure that I am comfortable all through out. I highly recommend this place! You can't beat the service and the price! They know what they are doing and they care about their customers!"

Joselyn C.

"She exceeds your expectations! The price was great, and the flight from Texas to California was well worth it! I highly recommend her to everyone. I cannot thank Roma and shades and strokes now Perfect Touch Aesthetics enough for giving my confidence a super boost! See you soon ladies!"

Olivia A.

"All I can say is....If you want PERFECT EYEBROWS, Look no further and talk to ROMA at SHADES AND STROKEs.... This procedure is worth it in so many levels, specially saving me time everyday. Not to mention the complements I get.. Its truly AMAZING!"

Lilly H.

" I'm glad she was able to kill two birds with one stone. After leaving treatment Roma sent me instructions on how to take care of the treated area to make sure it heals properly. So far it's been 3 days and my healing looks great! I would definitely recommend this place for those who have warts and want them removed."

Annie T.

"Roma messaged me to follow up on the healing status of my wounds and gave me recommendations that would help with the healing. For the skin tag, it healed in 4 days, for my warts, it took longer since it was larger, and healed in 1.5 weeks. If I ever get skin tags again, I would come back here to get it removed."

Iz D.

"It boost my confidence too! Not to mention the hours i save every day for not having to draw and shape my brows! Couldn't be more pleased with the way it turned out! I highly recommend Shades and Strokes! My trust and respect for these 2 young professionals are over the top!"

Becky R.

"I finally have the brows i wish i were born with. Full, nicely shaped, symmetrical and about as natural looking as it can be with very over plucked brows. Vanessa is a true artist who seeks perfection by taking her time to make sure you'll love the look before she starts creating ( allot 2.5-3.5 hrs) and is as close to perfection as you'll find. This is my third time in 10 yrs doing this. Here are the differences in what I experienced with Vanessa's work and process vs the other places 1) she has measuring tools and was the first to inform me that my two eyebrows were significantly misaligned 2) with tools she made them even 3) she drew the look and was adjusted the angles, thickness, lengths as needed based on the look i liked ( there are more dramatic or natural shapes and styles) 4) the numbing lotion was super effective. This was the first time it didnt hurt AND I fell asleep during the procedure 5) a care kit with very very detailed instructions and expectations of the post application process. Absolutely no questions needed because of how thorough it is. Kit also includes after ink cream to help the skin set and mend. ( BTW. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS AND YOU CANT GO WRONG) Anyways. See the immediate post and post peel pics. Thank you Vanessa!"

Mercedes D.

"I would like to say first of all how much research I did before I got my eyebrows done. I originally wanted to get them Microbladed but after my first consultation with Roma and Vanessa I was introduce to a Procedure called Ombré/Powderfill tattooing. They recommended I would be a good candidate for it so I left their office without getting my eyebrows done they wanted me to think about it! They could of easily just taken my money and given me what I wanted just Incase if I never came back but they didn't. I knew then that they really cared about their clients and not just trying to make money. They wanted to make sure my outcome would be the best for me. I'm so glad I listened to both of them. I love my eyebrows and they look so natural. Their place was very clean, sterile and comfortable and Vanessa is Amazing, a true artist. I need to go back in 6 weeks for my final touch-up but they are almost perfect already. Thank you Shades & Strokes for my eyebrows!"

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